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Each parchment is analyzed two times manually by qualified megihim - inspectors and a final check by computer. Every one of our Mezuzah Scrolls/Parchments are KosherSKU: CKOSHMEZ.

Kosher Mezuzah Parchment Scroll (Klaf) composed by an Israeli scribe (called a Sofer Stam in Hebrew). Size 7, which is 2 3/4 x 2 1/2 inches or 7cm. This mezuzah scroll will fit most mezuzah situations. This is the scroll that is put inside the mezuzah cases. It contains the Jewish prayer, the Shema, beginning with the phrase: "Pay attention, Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One." Mezuzot are placed on entrance doors to meet the Scriptural commandment to proclaim the Shema "on the doorposts of your residence and on your gates." These are Ashkenazi design - written on pet skin without bleaching so the natural charm of the skin reveals through.

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Basic parchments meet marginal requirements. High end is an advanced level of craftsmanship. All kosher scrolls are composed by a skilled Israeli Sofer (scribe). These scrolls are attractive, legibly transcribed as well as meet strict requirements of Kashrut. Each scroll is examined both by a 2nd Sofer and also by computer at a special institute in Jerusalem.

Therefore it must be plainly transcribed by an expert scribe on a Kosher pet parchment. All these criteria make the scroll kosher. Orders usually deliver in 1-2 company days from our South Carolina warehouse Criterion distribution takes 3-7 company days Cost-free delivery on UNITED STATE orders $75+ Easy returns within 1 month of acquisition.

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A claf is a sacred parchment that is held inside the mezuzah case. The parchment is hand-written by a scribe that concentrates on the spiritual significance of each word. The text engraved on the parchment is the first 3 paragraphs of the Shema, the central petition of the Jewish confidence.

By: Rabbi Moshe Heinemann In these stormy times, many individuals have set up security system in their homes which give them a feeling of protection. There are various kinds of alarm system which are either attached to a main system or not. Yet one point is clear; the system will only work if all the cords are undamaged, the buttons embeded in the ideal sequence and also the device is in working order.

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Just one torn link can revoke the entire system. Our feeling of protection must come from the acknowledgment that we have a guard in heaven, instead than relying totally on some mechanical device, devised by man. The Ribbono Shel Olam monitors our homes if we do His will. The mezuzah affixed to our doorpost is our defense.

Certain letters are etched outside of this mezuzah scroll which say, to name a few points, that through this mezuzah scroll the house is secured. Nonetheless, your home is only protected if the mezuzah "system" is intact; if it is made according to the specs under which it is planned to work.

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One has not performed the mitzvah which he or she thought they were fulfilling at the time the mezuzah scroll was affixed to the doorpost as well as afterwards, and the blessing that we claim when fastening the mezuzah was stated in vain. There are lots of points which can invalidate a mezuzah.

This parchment has to be created from the conceal of a kosher animal. The parchment is after that scored with an inscribing instrument which makes grooves. The grooves have to be made on the side of the parchment that was nearer to the flesh of the pet. When the scribe writes the scroll, he needs to beware to shape every letter in a details manner with adequate spacing between words.

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If there is a discrepancy from the above specs, the mezuzah scroll is not kosher. It may be repairable relying on the nature of the issue, yet if it is not fixed it will not satisfy its role as a mezuzah. It would certainly be just like any kind of various other notepad on which words of the Torah were written.

Care ought to be taken that the parchment should be rolled, not folded, to avoid splitting letters, which would render the mezuzah posul, invalid. The mezuzah must be rolled from delegated right. The rolled parchment ought to ideally be covered in a first protective plastic wrap covering to develop a wetness barrier.

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There is no special demand pertaining to the product of the case (פמוטים מקריסטל). Nonetheless, it would be best to prevent a tight-fitting mezuzah situation where the mezuzah scroll would certainly need to be compelled into television. The mezuzah must be attached on the best doorpost of the entrance of the room in an inclined placement, preferably at the end of the top third of the doorpost.

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